Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present)

DAY 1:

Camera 360It has been years or months I could not count since I tried writing again. If you will notice, most of my posts are my photos that I include in the weekly challenges.

Honestly, I forgot writing. I lost the interest of writing. I could not see and feel my passion about writing anymore. After series of putting up blogs, “failed blogs” about specific niches- I quit writing a blog.

“That’s what I thought of…Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

It’s phonoegraphy month, and what do we love to photograph with our cameraphones? Food. So why fight it? This week’s theme is “lunchtime.”

Posting here a photo that I just captured as of the moment.

As Sunday is the only time that I get to spend quality time with my family, I made sure that there is always something special for the week.
Sunday lunch time with my mom and sis at Pizza hut, Philippines.


Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

No I would not dare to miss our First phoneography challenge!

“To kick this off, grab your phone and head out the door. That’s right — get on your feet and go outside to explore — and document — where you live. I want to see your neighborhood: The path you take for your daily morning run. Your local coffee shop or dive bar. The nearby alley of street and community art. A shot of the intersection that perfectly captures the bustle of your own corner of town. Or a serene landscape view of your village:”.

and here is my piece.

after rain
after rain

This is the typical environment I go everyday, except that It was raining today.
I took these photos while I am about to go home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

by Cheri Lucas on March 1, 2013

This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Christopher Martin.

Lost in the Details. This challenge is about getting lost in the details. Once you’ve found a subject you want to photograph, challenge yourself to work a little further into the scene.


Lost in details. My First entry for this month.

I took this photo last January 2013 during an ecological photo-shoot which I volunteered to join. I must say that it takes patience for a photographer to capture a detailed post of its subject. You have to patiently wait for the perfect timing to click your camera and spot the best post ever.

captivating birds eyeview
captivating bird eyeview
and I get more closer
and I get more closer

till i shot this one
till i shot this one


images (1)

Here I am again writing the hardest post ever, “The Comeback post”,I have been out of blogging for almost two months and writing this entry seems so tough.

I was gone because I had to deal with some important things in my life. I had encounter a serious struggle with life plus add the work which made me busy as well over the past two months. I thought I could not really get back into writing. I tried writing several posts before but those were kept on my draft, unpublished. Honestly, I could not find my pace in writing, no matter what I do, I just couldn’t fit the words and my thoughts and I thought it was the end of my blogging career. Continue reading


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