He was my crush when I first entered college. He looks smart.. Charming…. Im sure everyone also admire him.

I usually get rid out of him, I turned back whenever he gets on my way, I  dont want to be close to him either, for

me, its enough to admire him in silence,unnoticed….

Yesterday, as we were waiting for our professor to enter the room I saw him holding a a guitar, I cant help myself not to look at him

he was so cute, and it was the first time I M SEEING him on his other side. As he started to play the guitar, my heart was starstruck.

The tune that came out of the guitar was melodious, He played it gracefully, as if he’s really feeling the song.

I started humming the song in my heart, singing with him in silence. If he only knew that I was singing with him by that time how

would he feel…???? The song was still on my mind now.. It goes like this:

I look into your eyes, so far away
There’s trouble in your mind
You’re losing faith
Hey now, let me hold you
It’ll be okay!
Coz i will love you
Till they take my heart away.

Remember when you called
And said goodbye
We thought we’d lost it all
And so did i
Even if i lost you
I would feel the same
Coz i will love you
Till they take my heart away.

Believe in me
I’m here to stay
I will love you
Till they take my heart away.

Now we’re stronger than before
We’ve made it throught
I never felt more sure
Because of you
Hey now! are you listening?
Do you hear me say
“i will love you
Till they take my heart away”

I knew the song was not for me but Its A song that I really wanted to sing for him…