May 29. 2010


Woke up quite early today I guessed I’m still used to waking up early because of my training routine. I think my body clock could not still adapt to my new schedule. Went to the toilet to pee… Look at our wall clock to see its just 5:00 am exactly. Went back to bed. Look for my phone…. No message at all…. Okie…. No messages coming from him either. Got my headset and Listen for my newly transferred list of songs………

Getting Sleepy again………………………………….

I’m on shopping… Bought that bag which I saw on the mall yesterday… I’m so happy… Opppppsssss… Why I’m hearing my sister’s dog barking??? I’m at the mall…….  Opened my eyes saw my window sun is brightly shining… still hearing Maroon 5; “she will be love” playing on my phone… Oh what a day…

I have to wake up its 7am……………..

I got tired playing planet and zombies, can’t get out of being level 16 at my Zuma as well. Decided to have my lunch…


The rain was falling on our rooftop. It’s raining hard. Chatted with Siva for quite some time. Actually I’m quite mad at him coz recently he got no time for me. He had been always busy studying. I hate it, it’s not because he prioritized his studies than me but because he doesn’t finds time for me. I feel like taking a nap but can’t sleep… As the rain falls on our rooftop, a thought came out of my mind. It’s been a long time since I haven’t enjoyed the rain. I missed this; I missed enjoying the rain like I did when I was 10 years old. Every time it rained I’d peeped in our window, opened it and let my hands reached the raindrops. Every night when it’s raining I always like to rain dream….

It’s been so long and today I realized the things that I’ve missed…

1)    I missed my lolo and lola. I missed the times they cared for me. I missed everything about them.

2)   I missed our old house where I grew up. I missed that only house in that lot. I missed the 14 steps stairs. I missed those windows which I opened every day and see the wide river that flows just nearby. I missed the trees which I climbed into before…

3)   I missed Jennifer, rejean, Iris and my LES.

4)   I missed living in the city,

5)   I missed anna, Michael, miko, joyann and Raymond, and rest of the guys at Nova Comp.

I missed our bonding. The times that we shared laughter, the tears, our college life. I missed those guys…

What are the other things on my list? I can’t remember. Well not now cause Im quite sleepy…. Oh I forgot I saw my crush at the campus yesterday. Oh he was still damn so cute. I think I manage to smile at him but he didn’t notice it. My classmates are right he is a Boyfriend Material…








Well all the positive adjectives to describe him… He was one of a kind.


Family Dinner….


Played planet and zombies again then I remembered the system that I was about to developed. It’s a requirement and deadline is tomorrow. Gosh… What to do?????

The system Sucks I mean the deadline!!