Before the college will reopen tomorrow, I’m making this blog as a tribute for my DENR Family who accommodated us during our on the job training. I could still remember it was last 13th of April when we started having our on the job training. After long and tiring search for a company that will be kind enough to accept us and developed our knowledge in the field of IT, it was an answered prayer for us that we saw this building along A.B Fernandez west and in just as instant they ask us to report immediately.

I must say that our on the job training was not only purely jobs, trainings and so on as other think. It was not just planting of Trees as others say; it was one unforgettable, exciting and fun training! Our superiors didn’t treat us like we were really trainees but they accepted us as a part of their family. Madame Leduina Co is one of the best and motivating people I’ve ever seen. She is a woman who cares a lot for our environment.  She is a very nice woman with pure heart, intelligent, and who spoke very actively against environmental issues.  Our other superiors are also very nice to us… Starting from the Head admin down to the utility workers all had been very friendly to us.

I could not forget that every Monday they had this physical wellness program in which all of the staffs participated in a hip-hop abs exercise for them to loosen up weights. It was fun because after that exercise they prepared meals for us like “puto, sopas, with icetea”, It was a training with merienda as always especially when my boss was around, as they say “eating is their hobby”.

I must say that this training made me realised something that I haven’t realised before. Something that developed not only my career being an Information technology student but being a citizen who cares and protects our environment from the hazardous doings of people who just care about their own living. One which had served as an eye opener to me was when we joined the Coastal Clean-Up Held at Lingayen Beach in coordination with the Ocean Month. The Philippine National Police in different Precincts together with the DENR Team headed by Madame Leduina S. Co joined hand in hand in cleaning up the coastal part of the Lingayen Beach. That time I realised how people destroy our environment. Tons and tons of garbage’s from different classes such as candy wrappers, plastics, styros, napkins(believe me as in napkin which girls used when they got periods), and diapers are being thrown at our Sea. If we come to think of it, this garbage’s pollutes our bodies of water, may cause the living things in this ocean to die and  who will suffer?  Its US!!! It will get back to us in return, NO FISHES TO EAT AT ALL, NO RIVER/SEA TO SWIM AT…AND TOO MANY THINGS TO MENTION THAT COULD EVEN MORE BE DAMAGING.

Another thing that I learned while I’m here at the office is the value of learning something from experienced people. I don’t know how to send fax message. I don’t know how to photocopy or used the Xerox machine, I don’t know how fold a business letter properly, I don’t joined into events like “Pistay Dayat or Fun Run”, but during my training I had the chance to experience it all. I had the chance to do these things.

Lastly and the most important of all is the value of “camaraderie”. These people were so engaged in their work, believed me. But amidst it all, it’s not only work, work, work!!!! You might tell me I’m only kidding if I tell you that Our Head Boss and other Superiors had Jamming with us in sing along!!! I’m not kidding they Do!!! The most unforgettable moment here was when they gave us Despedida (Farewell Party). It was all their expense. They prepared a simple salo-salo for us during our awarding ceremony. They danced, we gone singing, we ate together! I couldn’t stop myself from crying while I was giving my thank you message for them coz I’m really flattered and sad leaving them. Yes, it was just months of staying at their office but for me It’s like Its been such a long time that I spent working at the DENR Office. And even if I’m no longer training at their Office I will still be an active volunteer in promoting cleanliness and wellness for our environment. I’ll continue the things that I have learned while I’m on my training. It was really one wonderful journey that I personally encountered.

In this blog, I again thank the PENR Office for letting us experienced our On the Job Training with them.