Its been quite long time since I havent wrote my post here.I had been busy at college recently.It all started again. At the first day of college I noticed some difference, some changes. First, I got new instructors in most of my subject s. We’ll definitely it’s somehow positive on my side because these instructors are really worth it to spend the whole semester with. I got to  5 p.m class for this semester and it’s really no joke since I have four major subjects to deal with and most of it needs programming skills; knowing myself im not really good in programming.

Secondly, I got a whole new batch of classmates.Janine and Jen managed to have the same subjects and scheds as I do but generally speaking, I got new sets of faces to deal with. I belonged to Block 2 in my fourth year  advance subjects. I think those people are  nice as well as Mr. Carino, our professor, an excellent Visual Basic instructor. But going back with my classmates on that 4th year subject even though I find them nice, I still see myself as totally strange. But God is still fair, He sends me one good friend  Danica to be with me in the class.

Third, I noticed that our college had tuition fee increased, and the books!!!!Yes, The books… They want us to purchased books not only a book- but three books and each of those books cost us P650.00. Well to those students who are not suffering from financial crisis it would be just okay, But what about us who dont???? I think it’s quite unfair to require students to buy books…They should let us photocopy or download e-books of the same kind or much better is to borrow from the library. And oh, even the ID LACE, before, they gave it to us for free but now  we should pay P60.00 for it. No new Lace No Entry!

Fouth is our School Policy, I was amazed! Before our college let us enter the College Premises with laptops  freely. Now, it’s different! We still have to fill up passes for carrying laptops otherwise they might confiscate it? I’m not just sure. What’s funny is that They even inspect bags upon leaving the college area.

Fifth is the difficulty of subjects. Whew!!!! It’s really a difficult level now. Not an average one but difficult. I usually goy stuck analyzing our mobile application exercises. As in!!!! System Analysis Design as they say is also quite difficult and ofcourse Netcentric II and ITE Elective 2.

Last but not the least is about my crush. I think Im getting over him. Im happy to say that I’m almost over him. No feelings at all. I mean Yes, it’s over! I got no feelings for him anymore. But still I’m not going to talked with him, but that doesn’t mean I’m bitter or I have something against him.. I really think he is nice and very interesting person to hang along with. (“I’ts just that….”)

So I was still thinking about the changes I mentioned on my Third, Fourth and Fifth List and it left me with the question like: Is Collegio de Dagupan  really getting ready for “U”?  With all this  changes they are imposing, are these signs? Are they getting funds from us students by tuition fee increased? Or the ID Lace? On the other hand, I also want to graduate from a University.It makes a little difference when you get a job, And I will be happy if Colegio de Dagupan will be one of the University next year or next semester… The soon to be Universidad de Dagupan!

Another thing that bothers my mind is What do I expect for this semester? If I’ll scanned some notes of mine or my diary, I always had this entry on what I expect of myself every semester that comes. Some of them I have already achieved and some well I’m still  struggling to achieved.

First of my Goal is that I have to finished this semester whatever happens.

Study harder and maintain good grades well not just passing grades but beyond passing. I dont actually aim fot 95 above but 90 to 85 range.

Making it to the Deans List

Lastly is that I have to joined for the fieldtrip this semester.

okay till here.. Ill write again next time.