Just this afternoon I was deleting some mails on my email since I already have 2,000+++ mails on my box… As I was going thru deleting I came to this very very old mails I think around Year 2004-2005. This were the mails from my college days at Nova Comp. I felt nostalgic about it. I scanned my mails and its very very heart touching because everything; every moments came back on my mind. Actually this entry was unplanned. Im not supposed to write one but I just feel like writing. Mails coming from my former instructor at Java, mails coming from anna, raymond and so on… Nova days!!!!! That was my happiest moments that even now I still cant forget. I cant forget those moments we went home after our evening classes, sometimes we still went at Sm North Edsa before going home. There was this time that we had no classes because it was raining so hard, It was around 8pm, we went at Sm north Edsa with Raymond, Michael, Joyann and ate Liza… We didn’t notice the time and the events happening outside cause we were so enjoying windowshopping, when we went out the mall, we found out that It was already flooding, we were like stranded there for almost an hour or two… Whats happy about it, was that we enjoyed the moment, we even sung songs while waiting for the rain to stopped. Though were really worried wether we could still get home or not. We ended up walking along the Mindanao avenue cause there were no vehicles on the way. (I could not forget that time)

I also miss those 7/11 times….. The bus trips every night, The muñoz Bridge… Those God bless and Ingats message!!! Those petty fights with anna!!! That stair going upto our building, Ma’am Ellen, Sir Dianco, Foundation Day, The library, the Cr…., My friends and old classmates…. Where are they now?

   As I am writing this one, I Realized whats the difference of going at a Big and small college… At my old school  We were just around 11 Students in one course… but It’s full of fun cause everyone of us are like brothers and sisters. We had developed a camaraderie that is meant to be lifetime. Im glad that until today, I still have contacts to these people who became and played a very important role in my life. 

This entry is for Raymond, Michael, Miko, Anna, Joyann and Liza…. DPDT/DOOST CLASS 2005-2007

Miss ko na kayo!!!!