Thank god I had a nice weekend today….

Ive been so busy doing some picture editing at Cs3 this last saturday and until now. I’ts fun!!! I think I discovered something new bout myself… some new talents to be enhanced I guessed???  This is what I wanted, well I never see myself so enthusiastic on doing some certain things. I thought I dont have talents or hobbies to ponder on, but this way it’s different… Now I finally come into conclusion that Im normal!!!! Yahooo…… Thank god!

Cs3 is definitely cool… Im into photo effects and photo editing. The pic above is cs3 edited using photomerge then made some effects on it, i think it was Posterized effect… Im sorry if Im not using the right terms, Im new to it.

I really like this one…

I had another one here which I worked for almost 5 hours…  Duhhh… After seeing the result I’m quite disappointed… Ive learned doing this photo retouch at one of the tutorials I googled. I discovered how to used the turbulence tool!!!! WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! It’s quite nice cause Ive been able to edit some parts of my face lol like my face shape and nose shape…  I love it….

I think If I continue working this out, Ill be able to make a career in graphics designing or image editing. Yes!!! I believe so, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and believing, as long as you believe in yourself we’ll make that dream to happen.

Anyway this week will be our preliminaries, I might not be able to  write my post for the whole week… Got to study for it… ‘Till next time.