This is the day I hate the most!

A week of nonstop studying since our preliminaries is hust going on… Actually this is our first day, June 20, 2010…

I woke up late! I bathed for 15 minutes skipped my breakfast then went to college. I did’nt study last night for it would definitely be useless. There’s no info going inside my mind.. Around 7:30 Im at the bus, Itried to scan my note but Im feeling dizzy while goin thru it.. At college, Im glead im not late and Im happy that I got only two exams today, those are only minors… I had this subject called Free elective 2, Its Mandarin Chinese class, I  entered this class only once… So what do I expect??? Its okie there will still be midterms, Ill make up on it… Hope I do the best today. Gudluck to me!!!