I’m glad that our Preliminaries is Over…

It  had been one of the toughest exams Ive ever taken, well most probably because I did not study well… So basically, it’s my fault… I realized  the disadvantage and advantage of taking exams without studying… Disadvantage because obviously you’ll really get disappointed after you see the results…You’ll curse yourself cause you know the answer but you have forget it or you just didnt trust yourself and you copied your seatmates and answer which resulted on getting a X mark on your paper…

So after exams I go straight to my laptop and wrote what I discovered during this exam so I might be able to help others too…This are just simple tips to pass the exams even without reviewing….lol(It’s up to you guys if you believe me  or not)


You have to bear in your  that it is not favorable to do cheating…No matter how hard your exam is, No matter how you think much but stll cant think of the answer, don’t cheat!! God don’t love cheaters. Any forms your  of cheating like writing an answer on a tiny piece of paper, on a tissue, on your armchair, on your palm, or on your cellphones won’t do you any good.God sees you as well as your prof. If you’ll get caught by your prof for sure you’ll get kick out of the class immediately… So don’t ever try it.


This is the second tip I could give you, Know your seatmate…. Upon entering your room Spot the person whom you think would help you lots during your exams. Might be the bookworm, nerdie gal with her eyeglasses on, or the class valedictorian, or your closest friend whom you think had studied and reviewed for exams.  Take note that wrong choice of your seatmates could lead you to downfall during exams.


The coolest advice I could give you is this…. Act Like confident!!! Nobody knows if you studied the night  before or not,  so act like you prepared for exams. Don’t show gestures like your cramming out reviewing or always telling that you don’t know the answers cause you did not study. Instead be confident, Relax….. Show everyone that Your ready to take the exam, this tip will help you drag the most competent students to sit next to you because they will be confident enough that you wont copy their answers… hahahaha


You must have your most trustworthy  friend at your class, if your examination type is Multiple choice then using Sign Language is preferable, “A IS FOR THE HEAD, B IS FOR THE EARS, C IS FOR THE NOSE AND D IS FOR THE CHIN” if there’s letter E then assign it somewhere on your eyes…. Reading instructions carefully would help you pass exams… Do this with your friend if you two are desperate… lol


One of the toughest exam type I know… Its when the answers are between true or false and if you answer false then you have to write the correct answer, well the solution here is simply easy, just write TRUE  to all of those true or false items… You won’t be having hard time thinking if you do so…


Dropped your pen occasionally,  make sure that if you do so you can peek(just peek) at your seatmate’s answer. Let your paper fly… so you can have a chance to stand and peek again at others answer… Remember, you dont peek because your copying or cheating… your just making sure that your answers are right lol…


Used it… If your attending your classes regularly and your listening to your teacher or your professor every time he/she discusses your lessons, you wont be having hard time using your stock knowledge, this is the last resource I know  if you really don’t have any other choices..


It’s not wrong to ask, so ask your seatmate if your unsure of your answers, that is the purpose of my tip number two “KNOW THY SEATMATE” just don’t ask too loud that like everyone will hear you asking… and don’t make it too obvious that your asking because you don’t know the answer.. Maybe you can say something like: ” Don’t you think Letter A is the answer at number 2?” If you ask like this and he /she knows the right answer she/he will prove you that hi.her answer is right… BINGO!!!!


Try to at least scan your notes, you don’t have to read them just go through it…. It will help you, this is the advice that I got from one of the people I know…

So that’s it !! 10 USEFUL tips I could share you to pass the exams even without studying… Hope it works for you too….