After a long time of being silent, here I am again writing my thoughts  for this certain day. Give me just 15 minutes to write this stuff, actually this phrase is the most common word that ever spilled out on my mouth for almost entire day. Last night, I was actually super busy doing our program for our presentation today. It was around 2am when I finally concluded that I should be sleeping coz my eyes are really heavy and im really sleepy but before this when my sis saw me still not on bed she asked me to sleep and I sad 15 minute please…

Upon waking up this morning, Im still sleepy, seeing and hearing my alarm clock, I decided to give myself another 15 minutes to sleep…So natulog ulit ako… for about 15 minutes.

Upon our presentation, it took me 15 minutes to discuss our program to my instructor.

oh…. I guessed its already 15 minutes and I should be ending this post.

Till then!