So the end of the year is fast approaching, 37 days to go before Christmas, as early as September we can already feel the breeze of Christmas air, on the mid of October we can already see people starting to decorate their Christmas tree, placing their lanterns in front of their houses and starting to make their list of whom they will give gifts to. Christmas is really a wonderful occasion to celebrate, it is when our Noel was born so that there will be someone who will redeem the world from our sins. This is the real spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is also a perfect time for being in the arms of your love ones. This is the perfect time wherein you can spend and celebrate the birth of Jesus with your family. Family~ mom, dad, sis and bro~ I never spent Christmas with a complete family. When I was a child, Im so excited about Christmas, every night when I sleep I used to imagine spending the Christmas with my nanay and tatay, ate and kuya.I imagined us exchanging gifts, going to the midnight mass and eating the noche Buena together. Every night  I prayed to god that this will happen, every night I ask santa this wish. This lasted for about 9 years. One day I woke up with the reality – that my dreams will never ever happen, That it is so impossible, and it so sad that for how many years I let the Grinch stole my Christmas.

Now while im recalling back those past Christmas, I realized that everything was not that bad at all. I had wonderful and happy Christmases. Those simple things being with other people who consider me as their family. I had Christmas with mom and dad but with different identity. I remember a special Christmas with my grandpa and grandma wherein we have nothing for noche Buena but we still woke up 12 o’clock in the midnight with my other sibs, we prayed, and we all ate a noodle soup and pan de monay or burger buns. That time w had nothing but were still happy. I also remember one Christmas spent with my aunt and my couz, that is the first time I went to midnight mass with a complete family, there is no one standing as the father but still we felt so complete, I experienced to opened a gift at 12 o’clock in the midnight. Other moment of Christmas  cherished memories was back while I was working at Bulacan. My Boss and my other co-workers had a Christmas party. It was another unforgettable Christmas, we just enjoyed dancing, we even sang Christmas carols while were on our way back home.

Christmas! Its not really about having  extravagant foods on table, it’s not about those lights glimmering at night, its not about having many Christmas gifts under your big Christmas tree, rather its about giving time and love with those special people around us. Its about being one, being united. Now, I realized that someday I could still spent Christmas with mom and dad and my bro and sis. I know I could make it happen.