Alas! I’m back into writing again,  after so many months or I think a year of not writing, I somehow find time to write here. I missed writing I guess,I missed wordpress, I missed the moments where out of boredom I tend to think of so many ideas in mind yet I couldn’t share it to anyone, but when I blog… In just a split of seconds I could share the world of what’s going on my mind by just clicking the “Publish” button.

It’s 3:10 pm and I actually do have my class at the moment, yet here I am at our college Computer laboratory writing this stuffs. I tend not to write about a certain topic, I just write whats going on  my mind. I think I have a bad timing on getting my mood back into writing it’s because just recently a month ago to be specific My laptop broke  down… did I wrote the right term or I should be criticize with my grammar???? Anyway, I am just so happy that finally, I’m really back into writing, I hope that this mood will go on and on and on… Ill write again tomorrow. Bye