As a continuation of the first part of my thesis saga chapter, I am writing this post for my fellow thesis takers specifically those who are currently enrolled in their Project Management class. I would like to give credits to SM or Ms. Sheryl for inspiring me to continue and write another post in this category. Sheryl said, I inspired her but I guess she also had inspired me continuing this post.

So it’s been six months after that project management class, fortunately we did able to overcome all those challenges presented to us, Financially, Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and oh yes, Spiritually..It had never been a big joke for us to undergo those sleepovers, meetings, regular updating and checking, revisions of our documents from our technical panel down to the research unit panel, I cant also forget those misunderstandings and complications within our group and of course the defense itself. Facing those panels seated in front of us asking questions and criticizing our documents was never been easy. For about Four months after that defense I am so relieved that everything was over for the mean time,(haha) but yet, here are we again faced on the same situation raised to the 10th power! I could not call our group as a group anymore or rather team, but it is more of a partnership between me and Peter. Aladin had always been invisible, I don’t know his whereabouts, he does not cooperate. In short, his a headache. Talking about our system, well we are so glad that someone had been helping us and assisting us. I wont be talking much about him coz he told us to keep his identity private (lol). It’s pretty tough challenge for me since I am working without my lappy. As I wrote on my previous post before my laptop crashed months ago and until now I still don’t have money to have it repaired. As of now we are dealing much of financial problem rather than the system development itself. (Well I guess u know what I’m talking about). We still haven’t started working on the second part of our document and I’m pretty sure that the DFD’s and ERD’s will make out thesis writing worse.

I am still positive that we can surpass all of this, I’m about to graduate by October and there is no way that I will fail this subject. What’s good is that Peter and I are both clear of our objectives, that we won’t fail the subject. I just don’t know about Aladin. I guess it would be useless thing to trouble myself thinking of how to help him where infact he doesn’t know how to help himself. I am so pissed with him but I have no authority to kick him out of the group. He is so lucky to be part of out group, I just hope that he knows how lucky he is.

September 1, 2011! perhaps this is the most crucial day ever, starting this day, we will be having our schedule dates of our final defense. It is still a long run but I am definitely excited about it, as early as today I can feel the adrenaline rush and it’s a good feeling.

As I close this post, I am giving a word to my fellow thesis takers “Project Management class”. Well a lot of you might be totally dreaded upon your first defense. You guys might be troubled with the what if’s questions, you might be terrified with those hear-say stories regarding how terror those panels are, but wait. I suggest that you don’t focused much of this issues, rather focus on our thesis title and be able to defend the reason why you chose it as your thesis. If you know your objectives, for sure ther will be no problem afterward. It really works for me. Good luck and happy thesis taking!