Just recently, I’ve been able to get in contact with one of my long time friend Shirly. Shirly was my friend during my Two years stay at San Jose, Bulacan. We became acquainted when I had my part time job at their office as a front desk staff. Shirly was the shy type of girl, sweet, loving and kind. Normally she would invite me to come over their house and  until 9pm, we stayed at their veranda, talk and share our different point of views and perceptions in life. As I was chatting with her yesterday, out of our discussion we’ve talk about a deeper topic which is Faith and Religion. My friend belongs to a pure catholic family and now she wants to join another religious group which has totally different ways of expressing their belief in god. Honestly, I could not relate much when we are discussing the issue because I myself grow up in a catholic community and I admit myself that I am not much into religion. I go to Sunday masses sometimes, read bible verses, pray morning and night just to thank god for giving me another life every morning and thanking him again for what happened during the whole day. As our talk progressed, I asked her what made her join the group? She answered me without doubt I guess that “she is happy with it, and had asked for it for such a long time and now it was given to her to go at the right way”, she even insisted that “In going the right way there will be many who will opposed, there will be roadblocks, but if you make it you will definitely be saved”.

Knowing my friend like 6 years ago, I could say that she definitely had changed and had grown her spiritual life. I admire her,  actually I admire all the people who focus not only in their personal life here in earth but as well as in eternal life. I had several chances of attending prayer meetings and spiritual enhancements activities with different religious groups and I must say that these activities outside the catholic church had also motivated me to draw closer to god. I always believed that our faith in god can never be classified into which religious groups we belong, with how many or how populated the group is, or how many churches we built because god never measures our faith with this things. We only have one god, we pray in the name of one god and we only have one purpose, it is for us to live with god in our eternal life.

I was still in hope that my friend Shirly can overcome and pursue what she wants despite the fact that her family disagree with her decision. I am also hoping that one day, I myself would also find that place to grow my spirituality. Perhaps, I should start now because I never know before it’s too late.