I was totally excited writing this post, I’ve been working this out since last night and I slept I guess around 4 Am. You might be curious what was I’m talking about? Okay its a simple thing that I believe I just exaggerate. (lol) I’m posting my entry here via mobile. Yes! Capital M-O-B-I-L-E! This could only mean that I won’t have to deal with the hassles of finding wifi zones, going to our college internet laboratory or even spending money in internet cafe’s. I could just blog anywhere am, share my thoughts with the world just by using my phone. How did i do it? So simple. I downloaded opera mini 5.1 beta and did some changes in its configuration settings, i tried different magic ip’s but all didn’t work, I tried working on configuring its port numbers and proxy servers but to no avail, so my last option, no port, no ip and BINGO! It worked! I am still sleepy upto this moment but 4 just cant wait to publish this post. If I post this one successfully then ill be writing more often here. Ill keep my blog updated everyday. PROMISE! Anyway thats it for now. Im going back to my bed but ill be writing more later. Ciao!