Family is the basic foundation in every community. It consists of a father who stand as the strength of the house, protects his wife and children in all kinds of harsh. He provides for all their needs and he earns for their living. A mother who serves as the light of the house and who usually stays at home, looks after her husband and children and takes care of her family’s needs. The children who brings joy and happiness at home. They are the inspiration and fruits of love of their parents. This is how a typical and normal family should be, full of joy and full of love. But what happens if the suppose to be family had turned into a gloomy, bitter and violent family relationship?
It is normal that sometimes in a certain family there will be hard times, arguments, sad moments and trials yet if the argument is constantly and repeatedly done and the couples began hurting each other, love had turned into anger and the sweetest laugh had been replace with bitter smiles then it marks the end of the relationship. Parting ways. Broken Home.
Selfish. This is the adjective I wanted to use to described the parents who brokeup, part ways and abandon their children’s feelings. Dont they know that out of the break up, it will not be them who will suffer the consequences of a broken home? Most of the children who grew up with a broken family are oftenly involve with drug addiction, alcohol and cigarrette abuse and it leads to distruction of their life. These children experiences deppression, often feel unlove, alone and unheard that is why they seek a shelter box wherein they will stand out, be noticed and be accepted. They seek love and attention to other people and this could result to early marriage and worse history could only repeat itself.
I am also a product of a broken home. At my early age I saw what violence means. I already understood what the word fear, anger and pitty means. I heard the voices of my other sibs begging for attention, for care, and until now it remains like a scar that still cuts deep in my heart. I am so lucky that in the darkest days of my life there were lights who shined out and lit my way towards the right path. I am thankful that god gave me strength to face and take it all and most of it he gave me a valuable lesson in life that I can apply when I have my own family someday.
(Please note that I am writing in general here. I believe that there are parents who inspite of having failed relationship they still manage to raise their children well.)