Okay dokie, as I promised that I’ll update my blog regularly, here’s a post that might somehow catch ur interest.
RED, GREEN and YELLOW these 3 colors perfectly symbolizes one of the most distinctive and classic music genre not only in Jamaica but all around the world. The Reggae.
I am definitely not a reggae music enthusiast but there are moments when I just love to listen with this music genre. I believe that reggae songs are cool, lively and perfect for stirring up my mood. Its the type of music which you can listen to when you want to feel good, to be yourself, relax and enjoy and find inner peace. I have a playlist of reggae songs which I usually play everytime my world turns upside down.
One of the reason why I appreciate reggae is because of it’s unique offbeats, adding to it are the songs message or lyrical themes used which is typically catchy and everyone can easily relate to it because it usually tackles about life’ s situation like love, relationship, poverty, violence, god and other social issues.
Ofcourse when we speak of reggae who would not think of the man behind the big success of the reggae music, Bob Marley. I love listening to his songs like Stir it Up, No woman No cry and I shot the Sheriff. Another song which I also like is K’naan Waving Flag which was used in the 2010 world olympic games.
Red, Green, Yellow.
This is how reggae music colors my world.