I have only 10 minutes and I am thinking of how far can I go with my post. I am glad that typhoon Juaning had already left our country and I can see the sun rays through my window. Another day. Im still at my bed convincing myself that everything will be alright today at college. After giving that 1 week and 3 days absence without valid excuse, i just feel that Im out of place. Im still bothered with those quizzes that I missed, and the least that I could do is to study harder and make up. By the way, i changed my theme for the 8th time I think. After being from black which my friend anna personally chose for me, here I go again with white. Think it works pretty good for me. Also added one category. I got an idea why I created that. Hope it works too. As much as I wanted to write more, my time is up. I have to get out in my bed or else Ill be late with my first class. Ill just get back here later. Lovelots!