As I wrote on my post yesterday, I was talking about adding one category here in my blog. Quickly Pressed, the idea behind this is so that I can have a space where I can write briefly my everday thoughts, feelings and activities. I came to think of this idea when I saw my old diary way back since I was on my secondary schooling, it just feels great to read beyond those pages again and reminize those old times. I know that some people might not be tempted to browse this category (ofcourse who would be interested to know my personal life) ill understand that and wont be forcing u either, just bare with it afterall, this is my own page. By the way, I have another problem, as you can see, i had only one straight paragraph in here, its due to my fone’s problem. Everytime I click on the next paragraph button, my browser just closes. So please bare with it as well. Today. I actually dont know what I was doing wrong with my life, the rain really poured today, I mean it literally and in irony. Everyday, I tried to be good, to do good yet in the end Im still the villain of my own movie. Today, the argument with my dad, really pushed me to my limit. I tried controlling my temper not to hurt him by answering back yet I just exploded. All of the little things that I kept had turned into huge bombs that had uncontrollably blasted. After that heated argument my last defense was to cry it all over. Its been how many days that I have spent crying, and I wonder when will it ever ends. Before, I used to think that for everyday that i spent being happy there willl be a day in exchange that Ill be sad and reverse. Now, I dont see that as it is. Its different. When it rains it really pours and I just cant do anything but to stay with the rain alone wishing that every drop of it could take the pain away. As I was writing this, im sitting at a corner of my room trying to find peace with Bob marley s songs. Lovelots!