I just woke up, I dont know if I am already at my subconcious mind or not because I was trying to think of the date today yet I cant remember so I got up and checked our calendar. I went back at my bed again when I saw that it was August 4. Days had been so fast, days from now my grandma will be turning 84, my dad will be 56 and bro will be 34. Another fruitful year for them. Twenty six days from now it will be September, the biggest day for our thesis group and 2months and 26 days from now, it will be my most awaited graduation. It makes me so excited when I hear the word graduation. If i can only fastforward the time, i would definitely do it now. That is how I am excited! Anyway, whats up August? What do you have for me this month? Few days ago, I bid my goodbye to July, and i let it take away all the anger,pain and bad moment as i tore its page on our calendar. I know you will bring another chapter and experience in my life and I definitely welcome you, just dont be too hard on me okay. I got to go now or else im going to be late on my class. Welcome August 2011! Lovelots!