– sharing one of the best love poem excerpted from the diary of Anne Frank.

What is love?
Tear’ed eyes that well,
when last we bid farewell.
The laying down of arms,
for thoughts of causing harm.
A lover’s tender kiss, or,
pain – for one we’ll ever miss.
For distant hope we yearn,
that fate, may lead us all to turn,
a world of trouble round,
to see the love that I have found.

Through my night with eyes closed tight,
visions of my love engulf my mind, for,
in my heart he’s made a home,
and what I’d give, I’d give, as whole.
So now, as I lay me down to sleep
and feel each tear fall unto my cheek,
I pray with every breath I take,
my thoughts are heard as morning breaks.
But, ’till then I’ll hope, and cry,
and count the stars that catch my eye,
yet, one by one, they fall out from the sky,
and every time, I heave a heavy sigh.