Im so thankful today that I have been able to read my good friend’s blog, anna. I had been trying to write entries here like 3 days ago yet everytime I sat infront of computer or start typing on my phone, I get stucked! No words at all. Today, as I woke up, its as if somebody whispered unto my ear to checked anna’s blog and I guess weird things really happened for a reason because of it I am here so hyped and inspired writing this one. I am taking this opportunity as well to thank anna for being my motivator today. Last wednesday, I had been able to solved an Inferential statistic problem determining the median I think. Surprisingly unbelievable, because deep within myself I know that I really suck in Math of anykind. I was inspired when a bunch of prey seated next to me asking how did I do this and how did I do that and others just really copied my answer. I might sound like Im too proud if I say that I felt like Im a heroine during that period and I admit that the feeling really inspired me to do better again next time.
Inspirations-they might be in different forms, different personas, your parents, family, loved ones, friends, each people whom you met everyday or even your greatest enemy could be your inspiration. These people motivate you to go on in life and achieve your goals. They fuel our heart and mind to perceive and pursue what we desire, they gave us strength to be at our best. We owe them the key to the door of our success. Once, my late grandmother told me “Never forget the people who help you when you become successful”. Ill definitely have a long list of names that I should be thankful of when time comes. If I do calculation, everyday we meet 2 or 3 people who become our inspiration and if calculated with 20 years of life span it would be approximately 21,600 people to be thank of. In my conclusion, I would like to end a thought to everyone. Whether big or small deeds we should be an inspiration to each other, inspiring each one of us will promote welfare to one another instead of having the crab mentality. Be an inspiration, appreciate your motivators. Have the courage! Start now. Have a very inspiring day!