I know you are totally confused right now, tormented and in pain. I dont want to blame you for it but I think you should know that you are so weak, soft, your easily been carried with emotions and when your touched you tend to gave in without hesitations. Sometimes fear surrounds you my friend, fear of getting hurt, frightened with the pain that you have to bare yet you still love…. That is how stubborn you are, you never learn from your mistakes, you always take the risks alone and now your there bleeding, enduring the pain of being broken. How many times did I tried to reached you just to tell that I am more superior than you are and for that the creator place me above you because you need me, you have to consult me before you go into something. Accept it that I am your protector. Seeing you in pain brings me into deep sadness. I always hope for your happiness, I have always want to see you comfortable. Now you must take a vow that you will trust me with all your might and I would never fail you. Ill assure you that all is well, no more pain, no more sorrows only happiness. -your partner, brain