This past few days I was so upset that I haven’t updated my blog for how many days. Honestly,I want to update it everyday as I promised but I don’t know if it’s some kind of a curse that I always encountered trouble whenever I tried to do so. Funny it is if I tell you that it took me 3 hours to write a post via my phone. Yes! 3 hours of typing a 400 character paragraph.Then another one hour of editing it. (lol) This really tested my patience and I swear that after typing my thumb really hurts! Disastrous it is!
Anyway, today Ill be sharing a very touching story shared by our town priest last Sunday when I attended the mass. I hope that the story’s message will move your hearts as it did to mine.
There was this two old men, late in their sixties who shared the same room at an isolated hospital. Both of them had been abandoned by their own family and both of them also served as Guerilla soldiers who fought with the Japanese soldiers during the world war. The first man had been suffering from tuberculosis and the other man had been lamed and bedridden for almost six years. The room had two beds one for each of them and beside their beds there was an emergency button just incase there is an emergency. As the two lasted together at the hospital, they eventually became friends.
Every afternoon the man who suffered from tuberculosis sits at a chair just beside his bed and he would gazed outside the window and every afternoon, he would tell his bedridden friend about the beauty of the outside world. The bedridden man then closes his eyes and imagined what his friend is describing him. The beauty of a stream flowing just outside the window, the colorful and blooming flowers of different kinds, the birds that freely fly in the sky, the happy children playing beside the fountain, the tall trees that shades the lovers from the sunshine. Every afternoon, the man with tuberculosis never stop describing this to his friend and this lasted for three years.
Until one day, the bedridden man became so eager to see what his friend tells him- the outside world. He told himself that for three years, he had just been content imagining, hearing…he doubted his friend. He said, “If he was my true friend, then why don’t he helped me to stand up and let me see the beauty outside the hospital. He is selfish”. So the bedridden man thinks again, and decided that he will give his friend another chance that after one week that he doesn’t initiates and help him see the outside world then their friendship will be over.
A week had passed, and nothing. The man who had tuberculosis didn’t helped him stand nor see the outside world instead he just kept on telling him what he saw.So the bedridden man told himself and realized that he is not a true friend.
One night, the man with tuberculosis suffered difficulty in breathing. He was struggling to reached the buzzer to call the nurses for help but he can’t stand up. The bedridden man heard how his friend struggled but he pretended to be sleeping. Deep within, he told himself that what’s happening is just right, that because of his friend’s selfishness he would reaped selfishness as well. After a moment, there was sound of silence, then the bedridden man went to sleep.
Early morning when the nurses came they found out that the man with tuberculosis was dead. They took his body outside the room but before the last nurse left the room the bedridden man requested if she could transfer him to the bed of his friend and so the nurse agreed.The bedridden man felt so happy, he said “At last! I could see the outside world with my own eyes”. He struggled and attempted many times to reached the window and after so many attempts he succeeded. Yet in his dismay, after reaching the window, he was stunned, for he saw nothing but a pure wall. There was no outside world, no stream, no beautiful flowers, no children playing, no birds flying, there’s nothing but a flat wall. His heart was torn down and tears fell on his eyes.

-the end

The message was so simple, “Happiness is a matter of choice”. The power of being happy lies within our hearts and hands. If we chose to be happy then we will be happy, no sorrow, no pain, no life’s curses.
As the priest said, “In life there are only two realities that people should pondered on, One is Blessing and the other one is Blessing in Disguised.