He is one of the campus “IT Student”, and when I said “IT Student”, it means he has it all (with my exaggeration). The looks, the brain, the charm, he was like Rizal in modern age. He was my former crush at my campus way back when I was on my first year. I liked his eccentric and versatile character. Sometimes he seems like he is snob but as I silently investigated his personality I found a multi-talented guy, whether its photography, writing and computers. Adding more, a god fearing, well disciplined and intellectual character lies in his personality. Going back, he isn’t my crush anymore, i guessed my infatuation with him had already subsided and he has his girlfriend already which for sure broke the hearts of so many girls at our campus (okay, lemme accept, including mine). We personally dont know each other but there are couple of times that we share the same class. Sometimes I am so inquisitive about him that I would love to sit and have a lil chat with him but I dont have the guts to approach him. Really, I dont know if he knows me or not (i dont care if he doesnt) but Im pretty sure he does coz though Im silent I made sure that my name stands out either in a positive or negative way. I had a chance to sit next to him but we never talk, not a word. There was a time that I was on my way home walking and he was on his way to college, we had to passed each other and I managed to smile at him and he did as well. Just like that. Imagine how complete strangers are we? Why am I writing this post for him anyway? The reason? Simply because that guy had somehow influenced me and motivated me in a silent way. I dont mind if by chance he suddenly bumps in my page and read this (i think he also dont mind). I just want to somehow thank him and tell him (because personally, i cant.. That because of him I have created my own blog. I mean after reading his blog, it gave me an inspiration to take my passion into the next level. Kudos to you dude!