Dear Bloggers,
Sorry for not posting much in my blog recently, I’ve been tied up with lots of school works due to the coming semi’s and Final’s exam, not to add up the requirements that we need to pass for our thesis dissertation.I tell you guys, that these days I’ve been suffering from different challenges day by day, financially, spiritually, emotionally and the rest. Well I still need to raise money so I can pay for all my debts at school, I don’t want to do much asking with my aunt since I know that she just got out from the hospital. Not Mom either, I cant count on her at these times for I know that she doesn’t have much nowadays.It’s like everyday is a survival day for me, Blessings do come and Go, and all I can do is to trust God that he will provide me everything that I need, and I must admit, It works. Sometimes when I think that there will be no hope at all, a miracle just come up my way.
I’m becoming more concern of my future, anytime soon in October, Ill finish my studies and Ill soon enter the real world. I have so many what if’s on my mind, like what if I don’t get job as soon as I finish my studies? What if there is a sudden unexpected event with my studies, like failing to complete all the requirements that I need to pass? -sigh- I don’t want to think negatively but sometimes I just cant stop myself not to do it. It sucks.
If there’s one thing that adds more to my burden, I guess you could ask my heart. It’s hard to admit that even here in my own blog I still need to keep secret. Isn’t that weird? Yes, I know It is. It will be more complicated if I say that I’m in love and I’m out of love. How should I explain this? Lets just say that somebody makes me happy and someone makes me sad. Better explanation would be, Oh its too complicated to understand. I guess that sometimes we should really feel this way, our thoughts and feelings just wander, like those clouds in the sky.
Sooner or later, Ill figure it out soon, what to do, how to be and how to deal with everything. Sooner or later as the sun shines up the sky everyday, I know that all of my what if’s and fears would vanish. This is the complications in life I guess, We had to suffer then out of it, there will be happiness.
That’s right Anne, that’s the spirit!