Dear Bloggers,
Hello there everybody? How are all of you doing? You probably notice another change to my page,(: If Anna and I would have a chance to chat, she would might just say, “hey you change your theme again, blah blah blah!!!”. I guess that’s how it goes.. I definitely appreciate and love the new look of “She Writes”, I think it really suits me and “It’s Oh so Me”. Maybe a little more pimping with my header and my background would do it all but for the mean time I really like it this way.
Okay, I recently read one of Norse saying which really moved me in an instant, “Clouds Move”. It reminds me that no matter how many clouds cover the sun they will eventually leave. It is clouds nature, just as like the human nature as we people move out under the clouds of our own lives and heal in the wake of crises and trauma. Moving Towards acceptance with the circumstances over which we have no control. For me acceptance isn’t that so easy. When I get rejected, hurt, left by someone I love or even commit mistakes, acceptance is something that hardly comes in my mind. I rather chose to be in the state of denial, living with my predefined dreams and inhibitions. I stop myself from moving towards acceptance thats why I stay together with those dark clouds and hid myself therefore I remain stagnant and unmoved.
It is good to know that no life is trouble free right? (I have to keep that in my mind) that much of what happens to me or us is unavoidable, we cannot always be in control. We should not be living in the past. With this thoughts I definitely could say that learning to accept is a skill of life, not a way of life. Living fully is a way of life. At the moment, I am really struggling to teach my heart the value of learning to accept, as much as possible I try to remember that these too shall pass like those clouds and when this challenge had passed might as well I ask myself what growth and insights have I learn?
Right, Clouds really move, crises pass, wounds heal and truly acceptance helps. I feel more lighter now,knowing that everyday I take a leap forward towards acceptance of my life’s imperfections, dealing with something that I could not be and I could not do.Accepting the fact that I could not have all that I want. Its sad, but it’s true.

Anne (^_^)