Would life be good if people are all the same? With all the fairness and equality, no poor, no rich, no beautiful, no ugly, no opposites, no differences?
As I was writing this post, I cant help but smile…and think.. Am I going insane? What do we get and how will we be if that happens. I bet we will be hearing no complains, everybody will have a satisfaction of what they are. There will be no jealousy since what we have is just exactly what others have.. No differences at all. If this illusion of mine come true , don’t you think everybody will be at peace? No arguments, no fighting, no war; for everybody will only agree with what each others say. Haha!!!! What a monotonous world with no thrill or suspense at all.
Don’t we usually seek for a friend, a lover or perhaps a stranger who would just go with us, share the same belief, likes and dislikes, attitudes? Somebody who will just set an image of us, like when we look at that person, it reflects a mirror of our own self? Wise people say we are all different, we are all unique in our own way, we are different individual. The question is, why do we still search for people who resembles us, do we find one?
Conformity and Individuality
Which do you prefer?

If you would be given a chance to recreate the world would you create your people with the power of conformity or would you let them be different with each other?

I love the thought that people are individual on their own way. I like being different too.Expressing myself in my own way.I love the fact that I think and do things differently which oftentimes not agreed by other people. I appreciate it that me and my friends discusses about certain issues, making each of our point of views count. Yet sometimes I crave for conformity of people for universal purposes. I bet if everybody will be adherent with each others thought there will be no misunderstanding, isn’t it?
Just Peace!