Here’s the new sensation in the Philippines protest history. Gone are the days where the leftist walk, do noise barrage, carry protest paraphernalia, and other protest materials against the government. Presenting the new trend! If you want to be heard, go Planking!


Ok, it might be new to you, so here is a very detailed and specific definition of planking is. Some say planking is an art wherein a person lies face down unmovable for a photograph. It was first discovered somewhere in Australia but is actually just another name for the ‘lying down’ game. To do planking, all you need to do is to put your body and face down to the ground with your arms on the side. The more dangerous planking you do the better. Escalators, Stairs, tree branches, balcony, underneath the car tires wherever, give your dead man pose and Click… Upload it to social sites.
Others had done planking for other purposes, Like here in the Philippines they used planking as a sign of dismay for the government The recent protest of the PUJ Drivers against oil price hike in Manila use planking for the government to hear their voice. It was followed by another planking protest of state university students who lament for the cutting of state universities budget this year I think.

Her are samples of Planking Photos that are truly captivating but could be dangerous as well.

*these are googled images*

The world of Planking is not just a mere fun. It requires a degree of professionalism I think and supervision of adults for the minors. Not everybody could do it due to safety reasons of course. Remember an Aussie man died for trying to plank on a balcony, falling from the the 7th floor to the ground.

Planking is a good form of art but I think lets leave the Planking for the Pros’s!