It was October 2008 when I decided to pursue my college degree with the help of my mom and aunt. My mom took charge of my allowance while my aunt paid for my college fee. I took up BS Information Technology at one of the best IT college at Pangasinan, Colegio de Dagupan. Having 6 major college buildings with approximately 8000 students and offering different courses, CDD provides quality education by employing highly competent educators and by using well modernized facilities and equiptments.
My first week in CDD was a real hell. I was like a human sent to the planet Jupites and rest are Aliens. Being a freshman I had hard time touring around the campus coz the buildings are quite far apart. Im kinda shy and introvert type of person so I had hard time making new friends. So most frequently, I stayed at our College Library, computer room, internet cafe’s, anywhere out of that crowded people. As I stayed longer in college, things had also change. I made friends, started leaving my comfort zones and I began to enjoy my college life.
I used to travel 45minutes from house to college. If I ride a jeepney for sure ill be late so I often catch the bus to be ontime. My mom gaves me just enough allowance for my fare and snack so when there are extra e xpenses I skipped meals. Not to boast, I am excellent student at CDD, I maintained good grades and somehow made it to the Deans list. However I got discourage upon knowing and discovering the back end of college life. College life could be as dirty as politics.
Colegio de Dagupan taught me a lot of things even my values, the way I look at learning perspective, the way I handle situations and the way I socialized with others. Month from now Ill be bidding farewell at CDD as I finished my Four years of study, Ill surely carry on all that I have learnt at CDD as I face the challenge of the real world.