Saturday, October 01, 2011
It was raining so hard and the wind blew fiercely as I was writing this post. Typhoon Quiel with a storm signal no.3 is currently hitting our province and I swear the weather is really terrible and scary. I could not really concentrate writing this post because I felt fear as I gazed at the outside view. It was so dark, roofs are flying up in the air, branches of trees swayed like anytime part of it will fall and the wind whistled as if somebody is crying for help. I could not also concentrate writing because every now and then my sister asked for my help doing the pack up just in case it floods. Sis yelled and shouted at us like a commander general commanding her army to prepare for a big battle. I saw fear in her eyes too but brave as she is, she never showed us any weakness that might spark up our fear. I know I was not on proper timing writing this post but I am so intensified to document and write this event.
A branch of tree hit my window and the wind blew much harder as if it’s pulling our roof. I could already feel the coldness coming from the outside, im frightened. I closed my eyes and I silently prayed, for our home, for my family and for all the people who probably might be suffering the same situation like us or even worse. As I end up praying, flashbacks of some unforgettable storm experiences of mine came into me. It was last year, the same month when typhoon Ondoy devastated Philippines killing many people lives and leaving nothing but a huge destruction and flood. A typhoon at the same month way back 1998 took the life of my beloved grand mom and completely destroyed our ancestral house. I also remembered one stormy night when I was just 6 years old, I was alone in that room and the wind roamed like a ghost, I saw the flashes of lightning over the window followed by the deafening sound of thunder. It was raining hard back then, I was a child having a fearful heart, I sobbed in my pillow as I burst in tears. It was one dreadful stormy night.
Two hours after writin this post, the rain stopped as so as the wind. I went outside our house. The weather is still gloomy as so as life after storm.