Street Children at Dagupan City are becoming Harsh!

I really don’t want to write this post, nor, I am writing this because I was so pissed with that lil girl who is asking for a penny in such a rude manner. It was not just once or twice encounter and I guess I am not the only one who had such an experience. Okay, I am not saying that all of those street kids are alike, maybe a few of them are totally different, but still it’s a community issue that the city government of Dagupan should ponder on.
It was not a problem (with me, especially) if ever we are face into a situation like a beggar or a street kid asks us for an alm, might be in the form of money, food or anything that might help them, Yes,giving a help is not a problem as long as they ask in a nice way… But what I am pointing here is that they DON’T! Street kids at Dagupan City asks forcefully, like grabbing your food/purse/money and worse is that they threat you in such insane ideas. I had this experience wherein a street kid threatened me that she will spit on my face if I won’t give her my Twenty Pesos bill. Sometimes they just grabbed your shirt even chase you and hit you if you dont give them what they want.Isn’t that alarming?

During this encounter, I tried to control my temper and gathered all the patience that I have (from head to toe) and still imposed the what we called Humanity. I just gave them what they want so they would spare me from their threat but that doesn’t mean that I tolerate such incident. I believe that they are not the one to be blame, they are not the one whom I should seek on for concern. Everyday this kids loiters within the Arellano area, come to think of it Arellano is a public road which heavy and light vehicles pass upon everyday, so there’s a great danger that awaits these 4-10 years old kids. I just cant stop thinking where the hell are their parents? Do they have one?

If the answer to my question is none- they no longer have parents then it is quite acceptable and understandable but if the answer to my questions is Yes- then that’s a big problem! There is this law in the Philippines that a certain child will be under his/her parents custody until he/she reaches the right age which is 18 years old. Meaning the parents should be providing their children the food, education and all the basic neccesities that they needed. They dont have the right to indulge their children into force laboring. With these children I could say that there is negligence upon the parents side. It seems like they have abandoned their responsibility as parents and as guardians. They failed to show the love and affection that mostly parents give to their child. They have forgotten to instill the proper moral values which should be firstly taught at home.

This issue is not new anymore, but isn’t it a sad story? Lets supposed that these children no longer have their parents, legal guardians and relatives. Question is- who should we seek for concern? According to the Philippine constituition the Department of Social Welfare and Development has the sole responsibility of taking care of these children by taking them to shelters which will serve as home/school to them. With the help of this Department these children will be able to learn and know the essence of a family, right attitude, proper etiquette and disciplined and they are lucky enough if they find a host family who will raise them and treat them as a child of their own.

I dont know if the City Government of Dagupan is aware of this problem (I hope so) but if not then maybe this entry would be a great way to open their eyes to take action. I bet that even you or others would not like to see this kids engaged in snatching, pick pocketing and other criminal cases or would you like to see them sniffing Rugby or smoking cigarette at the pavement nor we want to see them maltreated or worse see them lying in the center of the street, dead, by an accident. We want better and brighter future for them I guess and safety for everyone else too. This is just one of the million calls from a concern citizen who cares for these childrens’ lives, not only in Dagupan city but in other places as well. We need to take action and erradicate the word STREET CHILDREN

As Michael Jackson sings in his song, “There’s a better place for you and for me”.