Today is a reflection day for me.

It has been 3 days since the semestral break begun. Actually, this is ain’t no longer the ordinary semestral break that I used to have, it’s goodbye Cdd since this month marks the end of my college life. I no longer have to attend regular school classes, pass my projects and assignments and worry about quizzes and exams. I just have to wait for March 2012 to attend the graduation ceremony. It is the moment that I have been waiting for.

Two months ago, I was so excited with the thought of finishing a degree course. I am so enthusiastic about applying a job, working and earning for a living. Today, I realize that it is somehow not that easy especially that I am living in a rural place wherein job offerings are limited and mostly not relating to my field. I admit my heart, my mindset is swirling with fear upon stepping into the real world. I am afraid of the word rejection and I am worried whether I am ready with the term responsibility.

I know myself of what I am capable of doing, what I am good at and in where I am at my best. I also do know my weaknesses. In this competitive world, I knew that I should not embrace my weakness, my fears, my doubts. My antidote to surviving, is to accept all the opportunities that is about to happen. Seize and grab any chances. I have to have a job on the 2nd week of November or before December starts.

Sometimes I am really weird, I have complex thinking which usually lead me to self cofusion. It has just been 3 days from retiring to college, yet here I am pressuring myself to find job, to work. I am really convincing myself that I should take a break, to relax for quite sometime, afterall 3 and half years of burning eyebrows at college is not just a joke. I think during this idle days that is what I meant to do. Give time for myself, save all my energies for what will come in the future.

What I enjoy during times like this is that I am able to give time for myself, my family and at home. I enjoyed waking up in the morning without thinking of time bounds. I enjoyed sipping a cup of coffee, having my breakfast without rushing. Im able to do the dishes, clean up the house and cook. I have ample of time taking care of myself, spending time with my family and friends, reading books and updating my blog on a regular basis.

Everything blooms in its own time. Everything has its purpose. My life right now is just normal. I think I dont need to hurry and worry.