Since I made a commitment with this blog let me just write a wrap up of what’s happening with me these days. Infact, there are a lot of stories to share and a lot of lessons learned in just a day but because I dont have my time, Ill be sharing it this coming days. So lets start, whats keeping, yours truly, busy?

Yesterday, I spent my whole day finalizing our thesis document, from the title page, upto our Bibliography. Its a joint session with my groupmate ofcourse, Peter. Aladin is not showing up so we cant do anything but not to mind him. Did I said that, Our defense day will be by Saturday, which is tomorrow. Heres the major problem, our system is ready, documents ready, but our technical panel is no where to be found, and that leads my team to a great danger. We badly need his approval before tomorrow. I am not sure if I can go back and edit this post later on bec. We will be having our overnight in preparation of tomorrows event.

Wish me luck guys!