November 3, 2011


Can I shout for joy?

Hey, my co-bloggers please congratulate me for passing my defense yesterday!
I would just like to share what had transpired yesterday during our defense.

7.30am I was already at school yesterday, dressed up with that black skirt, with my coat and 2 inches high black shoes, I walked at the corridor with positive mind and overflowing confidence. I have to be at college early because the defense was scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Fifteen minutes after I arrived, Aladin came and then Peter. While we were waiting for Sir Febreo, our panel, I was pissed with how Peter acted too negative. He kept on saying that we would either failed or scheduled for re defense. So I was just like contradicting him, assuring both of them that we wont failed nor scheduled for re defense because I had huge trust and self confidence to myself and to both of them.

So we were there, we were seated and faced with Master Pogi, aka Sir Feb. I don’t know if it is luck or he pitty us, because he was in good mood that morning (coz oftentimes he is in bad mood). I started with prayer and preceeded with the presentation of our powerpoint. Our discussion was so light, I didnt felt any tention and Aladin managed to break jokes which made us all burst in laughter. Every question was answered perfectly and I saw Ma’am Biala nodding with approval. After an hour and half, we finally convinced Sir Feb and he said, “Okay, complete your requirements and passed it to me tomorrow”. We were all relieved and happy.
As we went out in the faculty room, our smile reached up to our ears. Atlast, we did survived. And now I could somehow sleep well at night.

*expect that bx 2mrw if my net is good, ill be back writing again*