My apology for all my readers (if I have any, lol) for not updating my blog nowadays. My apology again because I am writing my following posts these coming days in my native tongue. This has been because lately, I am suffering from a common writer’s disease, the blank screen syndrome. Let’s just say I can not think of a better topic to share with my readers or perhaps because I want to write for myself for the mean time, not thinking whether I please anyone or not, whether I write sensible posts or not.

I was actually thinking to stop writing for I want to focus more on having a career. I mean giving much more time and priority of seeking jobs. Yeah! Jobsearching. However at the end of the day, I felt like incomplete without writing. Writing something which is sensible to me, creating an outlet to my stressful life, writing whats actually on my mind without proofreading or editing. This is the reason why I consider to continue writing…

But this time, as what my first objective is on creating She Writes, I’ll write for my own pleasure (sorry for being selfish guys).

I actually dont know when will Ill be able to cope up with my blank syndrome disease but I hope its very soon. To some who suddenly bumps into my page and speaks the same language like mine, enjoy reading still..savoring my personal note about my life.

She Writes temporarily signs off publishing english entries and public notes.

Ill see yah all soon.