I had a weird dream last night. In my dreams, I was walking down the isle on my wedding day. It was like a garden wedding with a fairytale motif, I guess, coz I saw one of my friends dressed like a fairy. While I was walking down the isle, the rain fell hard making all my guests to runaway. In my dreams, I was crying because I could not see my groom and I am the only one who stood there because I can’t run with my heavy wet gown.

When I woke up, I could not help not to go back and think about my dream. It’s a funny dream, anyway. However, I could not avoid to ask myself, why I dreamt of such where infact, I haven’t think about marriage, wedding, settling down or even being engage the whole day nor the whole month. I always believe that dreams mean nothing, I seldom believe with premonitions or bad omens, I think that dreams happen due to our imaginative mind, dreams are product of our deeper feelings, fears, happiness, anxieties and so on.

While I was asking myself why I dreamt of such, I remember one of the questions that was asked during my job exam. It is like a personality exam wherein I was required to complete the sentences. One of the complete me sentence was: Marriage to me is ____??

“Marriage to me is a responsibility which husband and wife should share and perform for the rest of their life.”

That was how I completed the statement. Maybe the reason why I dreamt of such was mainly because my subconcious mind wants me to reflect upon my answer. Is it wrong? To see marriage as a responsibility? Isn’t it true? Some may say, I used the term “responsibility” irrelative to marriage, what do I know about marriage anyway?

I guess different people had different views about marriage. This time, I would like to reflect and give myself a time to think why I gave that answer. I believe that when we enter a married life, you will not only be responsible for yourself but for your partner as well. You will be both responsible for each other. The act of one will affect the other. You will be both responsible for bringing up the family, raising your children, maintaining the love, avoiding conflicts and all of these would end up for the rest of your life. Isn’t it a big responsibility?

If you are like me who view the word responsibility as a task of commitment, then you must also be running away with the term settling down or serious relationship. You must be savoring the freedom that you have now. I guess we are both doing good for the mean time.

Relationships do come and go. Even a 10years long relationship can go to nothing. What I dreamt last night was nothing to do with a premonition that I wont gonna get married someday, it just simply mean that somehow I should ponder on issues like marriage.