Hello there bloggie! It’s been a week since I didn’t updated you. Hi there readers and followers! (hope you guys miss me and she writes, lol). Ok, ill go straight explaining why I took so long to write ere, (I bet I really owe my readers an explanation). Two weeks ago, I started job hunting in a traditional way. When I say traditionally, it includes a lot of walking, visiting prospective companies, bulletin ads checking, all without the help of the internet. Ofcourse, I am not alone, I’m with Jen, Janine, Lara and Kimberly. So we saw this company that offers a lot of available positions mostly clerical and administrative job, since it’s just walking distance (arellano-gomez st.) we decided to give it a try. I wont be mentioning the company name for legal purposes ok but the company is an affiliate distributor of IT products like Asus, Hp, Epson, Lg and Olympus. Ok, so we were there and we didnt expected that upon submittion of resume, we will be having an on the spot initial interview with the hr officer. Everything went well with me though I felt jitters too but in the end I managed to make the HR Officer to asked me to come back for the second round. The next day, I took the assessment exam. It was 6 sets, IQ test, Personality and strategic planning tests. I was there around 9am and I finished around 1:30pm. After the exam the Hr Officer told me that she would call me regarding my schedule for the next interview. Day after the exam, I got a message regarding my next interview. That was last Monday. I was interviewed by the Manager of Telco account and The Vp of Sales. To sum it up at the end of the interview I got their Welcome to the company message. Currently, I am processing my pre employment requirements.

congratulations to me.