Here’s the continuation of my job hunting stories. After getting the job offer, they asked me to submit my pre employment requirements. Ill be working at the company as a Channel sales assistant.. Funny it is because I don’t know anything about sales, but I think I fit the position because I strongly believed that I have the ability to persuade people, to talk and communicate effectively and most of all I have the spirit to turn the word impossible to possible. With that, I know I that I could be successful in the field of sales. Ofcourse, to add some more my enthusiasm to learn something new to me is what will bring me closer to success. Anyway, Ill be base in an office department so I should not worry more about it, besides I have my sales officer to do the job.

Going back to my requirements everything went smoothly with me. From processing my police clearance to my NBI, SSS and even my medical check up. Okay, I never been health concious and I was really worried whether everything will be normal and Oh, yes, god is good that everything went normal.

There is this thing that keeps me worried again. LIVING ALONE.

Okay, Im bound for one trainin month training in Manila. The company will provide us the board and lodging which is good but what bothers me is my emotions and yes fear too of adapting and living a new life on my own. Actually I am not bothered with how will I handle myself but whats killing me is the thought that how will my family reacts. Dad and Sis, I know they will miss me and get sad too. Sometimes, I want to tell myself like Stop worrying but I can’t just stop.

Actually, I dont know how to feel, Im happy with my achievement but Im sad, sad that I wont be living with my family.. I know that my feelings as of now is just temporary and sooner or later it shall too pass, so it is just normal. Everything will be good too.