Job seeking or Job hunting is one of the hardest task ever. From the time that you are currently looking for a company to work with, upto the moment you sit infront of your interviewer til you get the job offer, this step by step processes have never been easy. Specially today that the business world is highly competitive. Qualification standards is strictly high for high rank jobs, and for lower ends you should be a skilled worker to get hired. If I could give an example of how strong is the competition in the arena of securing jobs, I would say, “Look at the cages of crocodiles, then throw a piece of chicken meat, out of the 10 crocodiles, all of them will jump up and chase the chicken meat, but only one of them will be successful to devour the meat.”

Likewise to people securing jobs, only the best, capable, skilled and qualified candidate shall be chosen. This entry of mine are some realizations during I am into the process of job hunting. You can take it as a guide or tip from me or you can just scan it and I hope you learn something out of it.

Lessons Learn from a Successful Job Hunter.

1. Lucky is different from Worthy.

– Some say I got lucky landing this job. For me, I am worthy getting this job. For some job hunters, they find it easy to work their way securing a job, maybe they knew somebody out of the company who holds a higher position and are willing to help them to get inside the company without undergoing any hiring process. This is what we considered Luck, being Lucky but not Worthy. Worthy are those who sweat, who go through hardships, who step by step reaches his way to get the job offer without depending on anybody. Being worthy is something much fulfilling than saying Just got lucky.

2. Being humble pays off.

– This is what my Aunt advised me all through out the job seeking process and yes its true and effective. Being humble is like not being too high and having a know-it-all attitude. Saying thank you after each encounter is something so nice to hear. It shows gratitude and respect to your receiver.

3. Success is something that we dont get in an instant.

– Success is a product of harwork, perseverance and great determination. Who would opposed? True isn’t it? We don’t get success in just a snap. Even lotto winners perceives first before being a millionaire.

4. Your motivation and determination is what will drive you towards your goal. – You heard it right! If you are determined, motivated and have a strong will nothing seems to be impossible right? It is just like saying, If there’s a will there’s a way.

5. Last but the greatest of all, never underestimate the power of prayers.

– Prayers is my key to success. Proven and Tested. I dont know but I always believe in filipinos saying, Nasa Diyos ang awa, Nasa tao ang gawa.

Thank you for going into my list, oh by the way always Stay positive.