This was the question which I kept on thinking about lately…

Where had I been?

Since I got my job, I almost forgot all those stuffs that I used to do before, when I was so idle at home.
And worst… I even forgot She Writes. Well, I guess what happened was I did focused much on my career. Who wouldn’t do what I did? When we first get our jobs our first goal is to impressed everybody, Isn’t it? It seems like we should always be at our best, avoiding anything that might come wrong across our ways. Uh-oh! But I think I overdid it, my daily routine for the past one month is Work-Home-Work-Home. And there are lots of things and people that I have taken for granted. Sorry Guys, You know who you are! But guess what? I’m back!!!!!
After A month and a Half, I have finally adjusted… and there’s no better place to share and start speaking with the world, rather than here, at my own SANCTUARY, She Writes. Damn, I really thought I would never had the interest in blogging and writing again, I thought I lost my passion in writing already, but thank god.. Thank God, Im back again…

If She Writes could just ask me one question, She might say, Where had you been Lady?

Where I had really been….

Rest of my stories is about to be shared…