Twenty Twelve

Last night I was thinking of writing a post that will talk about my expectations by 2012, yet Ive been having hard time of what to write. Anything can happen and may happen and I dont actually have a concrete and detailed plan with how will my Twenty twelve will be. Sometimes I came to check online sites which offers feng shui readings, and yeah, I am pathetic when I read something positive and I tend to believe it. Though on contrary, I disregard those negatives. I hope there isn’t anything wrong with what I am doing.

Twenty Twelve.

I guess I am more of a better person right now. With my family, with my friends, with my relatives and with the people around me. I managed to bridge all the gaps that time and miscommunications had brought us, though there are still some people whom know matter how I reached them they tend to be so far, and these some are those people who keep my heart beating.

Actually its alright for me even if I dont have a successful lovelife as long as I have a career and As long as I can provide for my family when my mom will retire from her work. I guess that this will be my greatest fear this year. When mom retires from her work, Ill be the one to take over to finance our family and I fear I might failed.

But Never say never, said Siva. So even if I fear, i should face the challenges with a brave heart. I know no matter what happens God will always be with me and that is something worthy to hold onto.