30Jan 2012
10:58 AM PHT

It’s Monday again, First day of a week long working mode. Actually, I really get sucked waking up early in the morning, How early is early? (Round 6 o’clock am) Yeah, good thing I have my sis who prepares my breakfast and prepares all the things that I needed. I was hesitant to bath too because of the cold weather, but it’s either I bath or not bath, if I choose the latter then I’ll definitely go to office looking like a mess, which I would not like to happen. So I bath with heavy heart, grab my breakfast, fixed myself went my way.

I was about to take the bus but I changed my mind, it’s been a long time that I was riding the bus, standing up till I reached the bus stop. See it’s not a joke that I stand up there for almost 30 minutes, some gentle men offered there seats to me, but some do not, let’s try to rephrase it, It’s once in a bluemoon that some gentlemen are willing to offer there seats to me. Anyway, I took the jeepney today, *please google what a jeepney looks like* Its our Pinoy style of cab… but its far different to a Cab.. Good thing I was not late!

Speaking of late, I HATE BEING LATE NOWADAYS! Before when I was still studying in college , I really dont care even if I get late. Sometimes I really intend to be late, then I’ll make a silent entrance at our classroom wishing that my professor would not noticed my arrival. When me and my friends meet up as well I tend to be the last person who arrives. They were like cursing me and really mad at me for making them wait for almost an hour, my reason was, It’s better to make them wait than I do the waiting! Hahaha! How evil of me, but I already learned my lesson, my attitude before was so wrong. I am not into the position of making anyone wait for me. I guess it’s a good improvement for myself! “Atleast”, I could say something good about myself.

Today, I also commence myself for doing an error free job! Yeys! Kudos to me! I didnt received any pop up messages indicating what I did wrong and the like, I hope this will go on and on, I really should work extra careful! HMMMMMFFFF EXTRA CAREFUL! Yeah, because the past few days, I was performing really badly at work, it’s either I commit one or two mistakes, and that is what I’m really avoiding. Another thing is Ella, my workmate will be resigning by February, it’s kinda sad news, Since she was the first one whom I befriended and she was really nice! Its’s really hard to bid her goodbye, specially that the person had already been dear to you. But that’s life.. Sometimes we really need to tell our friends Farewell, but that doesnt mean goodbye. We should always have a hope that someday, you will both meet and see each other again.

On the lighter side please……

* I already had a friend here, Bbent! I just want to thank her for adding me Up! Thank you Bbent! I hope you keep on writing! Lets’s rock Inbox Journal!*

Till here, Tomorrow is another day!