Howdy Blog! Its been a long long long time since I last visited you. Hell, I miss you, i miss sharing my thoughts with you and i miss telling you all the adventures that comes across my way. Its d first break of March, January and February went by so fast. Where should I start telling my stories? Okay, ill just write a short sum up of what had been happening to me these days.

-yeah, thats what keeps me busy these days. Working for nothing. Honestly, ive been struggling hard to embrace the field of sales. Lets admit it, I actually am not gud in this field. I dont even think I can convince a new client to purchase our items but I am really struggling hard to be in success in this kind of business. I know that with enthusiasm to learn I can make it happen. Its my 3rd month now, whatever happens in my fifth month, I wont be having any regrets I think.

2) Socialize.
Yeah, this introvert girl had been force to go out in her comfort zone lately, Im loving it. Being able to mingle and befriends with other people had been a good feeling. Its far more different than the way I was before. No man is an island. We need others to share our stories with, to laugh our jokes with, to cry on, to hang out with. But still im making restrictions.

3) Up for graduation.
April 2012 will be the day of our graduation. Yohooo! I got no plans yet, I havent paid for my graduation fees nor attended any grad. Practices but hell, ill be graduating this year.

4) I need Spiritual life please.
Im feeling empty without gods presence. Its been a long time since I havent given him my time. I know he is the one behind my success and i owe him so much.

5) I need to get back writing.
Im really convinsing myself that no matter what ill get back writting again. Yeah hope so.

This is it for now.