The clock hits 8:15 as I bid goodbye to sis. I usually left our house round 8 exactly but today I didnt manage to. I was hoping that a bus will come early so I could have an express ride but to no avail. Got no choice but take the jeepney. I was kinda glad that the jeepney didnt took long time to do stop overs fetching passengers, that means there will be less possibilities of being late. I hate it when it’s rush hour, when you have to meet a timeline. However, I love the thrill. The extreme emotion that flows within our veins knowing that we got limited time.

I believe that in life, we always have to live in rush hours. We never know when will be our deadline here, so we should never postpone what it is that we can do today. Ive read a lot of articles and books that have the same meaning as to live like we are dying. Coz we never know. Life is short. You maybe strong and healthy now, tomorrow you’ll get sick. You never know that by the time you sleep, you may never be able to wake up again. You will never know when youll get caught in an accident and die. We will never know when our time is up.

It’s just like saying, do what you think is needed to be done at the present. Live life to its fullest. Live the rush hour in fulfillness with god’s glory. So that when our time is up, we will be having no regrets, there will be no mission unaccomplished, only sense of fulfillment.

This post, starting today, applies to me as well. To live in the rush hour of life. I believe that I have spent unwisely used time. I had shoo away many opportunities of fulfilling my life’s purpose, and I have less time remaining to do it. This is what the rush hour truely means.

My time starts today, whatabout yours?