What if you are given only 2000 characters to write here? What will be your content?
Actually, I am only limited to 2000 characters in my fone. I hate it, when I get so many things to say yet I am only limited to few words.

With this 2000 characters, I would like to say thank you to those people who like and follow my blog. I am really greatful to received those simple feedbacks coming from u. To my recent followers, aysicle and ms. Shelly, thank you because you guys gave me the spirit to write again. Its just like pouring fuel to the fire. So thank you so much.
With this 2000 characters, I would like to encourage people to write. Even a simple update of what happened with you all throughout the day. I definitely assure you that you will good. Plus it will help you to track your experiences in life. So write. Write the beautiful memories and keep them in your blog or your diary. Then one day go back with it and re read it again. Youll smile. Remenizing the things that had transpired in the past that was still kept in the future.
Lastly, (943 char) more, be inspired and be an inspiration to others. Its like you read others blog, (you’ll be inspired), you leave comments or likes or follow others blogs youll get them inspired and vice versa.

Oooh I never thought that this would be long, i stl have 680 characters. Whatelse?

This is it for now. Im going to sleep for I have not slept properly last night, I just dont know why. Huhuhu. Okei bye for now but I’ll definitely write again tomorrow. Thats a promise.