March 9, 2012, Colegio de Dagupan Job Fair

It was indeed another successful event powered by Colegio de Dagupan as they gathered Big time companies and us, graduating students inside the arena of the Arzadon gym. It was my first time to attend a job fair (though I already have a job) I could say that it was an incredible experience. It was like being in the world of hunter games where everyone of us (students) fight for one goal, to secure a job.
It was really hard to land on a job nowadays. One must have skill, high grades and confidence so he can go on his way to success. Its difficult, its a long process and it really takes patience. But, the good news is??! Colegio de Dagupan did not left us unprepared and our alma matter made a way to connect us with our future employees.
I bet all of us have their own stories to tell about the job fair, I saw couple of confident students, I saw weak ones, some made an impact with the interviewers and some just passed like a bad air in the fair, but hey guys, its just the start. Our career does not stop there, not in that arena, we are just to open a new world and that career fair is just like a preparation, a training, a mock up of what we are just about to face. If you think you did not do well, don’t despair, use that experience the next time you face a job interview and for those who made it to the interview, Job Well Done!!!
All of these would not be possible ofcourse without Colegio de Dagupan’s concern for us graduating students. Let us not waste and forget what we learnt in this career fair. We will always carry the name of our school wherever and whatever field we are about to land. They had already equipped us with bullets and guns, it is just how are we going to used it according to what was taught in our training ground.
Thank you Colegio de Dagupan.

*by the way, I managed to let my compliance signed by 15 companies, and out of that 15, I received 2 calling cards not bad. 🙂