I have been blogging for a couple of years now and I must say that it has been an achievement that She Writes is still running until now. As the author of this blog, I am delighted writing my entries here, read and appreciated by everyone. However I still asked myself it this is enough, should I keep this as it is or excel for much even better.
I found a new dimension in the field of writing last Friday as I attended our Campus Job Fair, Search Opt Media is in need of content writers and I am one of the lucky students to received a calling card from them. I have really no idea what content writing is, so the moment I reached home, I googled what content writing is all about.
To sum up the result of my search, I found out that content writing is full of technicalities, rules and marketing strategies. Content writing too does not only stop in one field but it involves different branches. It is a part of good Seach Engine Optimization of a website. It is the most important part to keep your viewers coming back to your page.
The idea of Content writing and search engine optimization catches my interest and I plan to pursue my research on this so I could apply it to She Writes as well. However I won’t still forget that writing springs out in our hearts and there are no technicalities or rules followed once the words flow continously in our minds. I still stay firm in my belief that to capture your readers heart, you must put your own heart in your piece and that will build the connection to your readers and to you as the writer.
One month from now, I plan to launch another site which will be the effect of what I am talking about right now. Hmmm… Cant wait for that time.
Thank you for reading!