Okay, Idol Fanatics, Final Four is chosen after Skylar Laine was eliminated last Thursday Night.

I don’t really think Skylar is the one who deserves to go home, she was really performing well, she has nice song choices and I believed that she could be the next Taylor Swift. Unexpectedly, as America Voted, She was sent home leaving Hollie Cavanagh still on the game.

I know everyone of us Idol Fanatics have their own idols.. So listing below are my my bets from most deserving up to the least deserving American Idol.

Jessica Sanchez
Obviously, she is a Filipina so she’s my idol.But not only that I love her because she is a great singer. She had the voice, She has a good taste in Fashion, She can carry her self well and most of all she is just 16! The judges love her and she was really worthy to received the Saved after being voted out.I hope that America will see her potential as a singer.

Philip Phillips

I love him!!! I think I have a crush on this dude!
Seriously, he got the looks right. Handsome.. Papable! Delicious!
I bet a lot of teenage girls and american ladies fancy him.. Who wouldn’t be after all.
I love the way he sings. He does not exaggerate hitting the big notes but he brings his feelings and personality out of his music and that is what I love about him.

Joshua Ledet

Joshua! The judges favorite. Yah, the guy could sing really loud. I’m sorry Joshua Ledet Fans but I am not really amused with the way he sings. But I agree that he has a good vocal range, he can hit high note but he tends to exaggerate his performance sometimes and it turns out to be so loud for me. 🙂


Hollie Cavanagh

I bet this girl has many american fans who supports her. She was always at the bottom 3 but she was never been voted off. She’s pretty but I don’t think at singing level she can be compared to Jessica Sanchez. I bet the girl needs to practice more so she could perform better.

I hope Jessica or Philip will win this Seasons American Idol.
Both of them are really deserving, I mean all of them are really deserving.
It’s just how will America vote.
Lets vote for our Favorites!