It had been so long time since I have been so idle. Never had updated this blog.
I owe my readers Big time!

But guess I’m Back with more twist and more fun ideas to share.
Hope so!!!

I’m also back with a new theme. I also decided to change my theme every month which I’ll call
theme of the month. My First stop for the Month of May…

VERTIGO- by Matthew Buchanan

Why do I like the design?

Vertigo is a stylish and fun theme with one column, a custom header, and a custom accent color. It makes great use of WordPress post formats. It has a charming, hitchcockian typeface. And it’s dark.

-yah dark..I actually want my readers to see my dark sides this months.

Posts Formats
Vertigo comes with wide support for WordPress post formats so you can create any content you want. Includes the Aside, Gallery, Image, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video post formats. You can see the different formats in action on the demo site.

>>> this is what I really like, Im actually and currently working to tweak this feature.

With Vertigo you can set your own accent color for links in Appearance → Theme Options, which is used in several places throughout the theme, if you don’t feel like red is a good fit for your blog. You can also have a second color of your choice for the site title in Appearance → Header.

Finally, with support for custom headers, you can unleash your creativity and add your final personal touch to your website.

So nice isn’t it?

Its a great new start!